Mini Maxi Print Exhibition is a two stages juried exhibition in Berlin. This special graphic exhibition was established by Galleri Heike Arndt DK as “Graphic Prints Berlin”,  and has been a recurrent event since 2014.

By participating in this print exhibition, selected artists are given the opportunity to exhibit their work in Friedrichshain, a neighbourhood in Berlin infamous for its art scene. Also, it is the perfect opportunity to develop your network within graphic art, connecting  many other prominent international artists.

One of the goals of the International Triennial of Graphic Arts in Livno is to try to be at least a little different from other similar events in the midst of the popularisation of contemporary art. Despite the development of new graphic technologies and the expansion of modern graphic practice, this event aims to contribute to the preservation of traditional graphic skills that are slowly disappearing. This does not mean that this event will not follow current contemporary trends and that it will not allow authors to present the traditional graphic medium through the prism of contemporary tendencies.73 authors from 34 countries in the world are exhibiting  by Invitation at the 2nd International Triennial of Graphic Arts in Livno.

WE CONTEMPORARY, is an annual prestigious international art volume containing the works of worldwide contemporary artists. In circulation for over 6 years, the catalog favours the maximum visibility to the artist in the panorama of contemporary art, thanks to the collaboration with organisations, foundations and art associations from different countries. The catalog have had the success for 6 years, was officially presented in the cities like: Milan, Rome, Paris, Kiev, Palermo, Prague.

For 4 last years the catalog has also the collateral art show WE CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW that is very popular and appreciated by the artists and the visitors.

The catalog 2021 was presented in Vienna and has own collateral art show June 19- 25. Despite the post-pandemic period, the artists from many countries reached the opening, and were present at Salmgasse Foundation.

The OPT is a collaborative project of the VPAG, the Kelowna Art Gallery and the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus. The concept was created by UBCO printmaking associate professor and artist Briar Craig, in 2009. Since then, it has become a much anticipated international printmaking exhibition worldwide for its unique presentation style and is featured here in the Okanagan Valley. This year, more than 100 artists submitted to the exhibition, the jurors carefully selected 28 artists from around the world to represent the best in contemporary printmaking. Some of those artists presented a short artist talk presentations via zoom, in which attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and speak to the artists directly

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Culture and Art Publishing House (September 1, 2018)

Language ‏ : ‎ Chinese/English

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 7503965665

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-7503965661

Location: China Printmaking Museum, Shenzhen, China
Time: 2020

In order to memorise the 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening Up in China, Chinese National Academy of Arts, as the highest academic research institution in China, together with Shenzhen Guanlan Original Printmaking Base, specially plans “Win-Win Cooperation/ Belt and Road International Printmaking Exchange Project”, to strengthen communication of international culture and art, commemorate the special historical point-in-time and respond to the call of Belt and Road Initiative. The project was officially launched in China Printmaking Museum in May, 2017.

The “China Printmaking Museum” in Shenzhen is one of the most highly distinguished Printmaking museum in the world. It was designed by famous Chinese architect Zhu Xiong Yi from the company CCDI. Museum was opened in October 2014.

Mini Print Cantabria Collection

All the winning artworks and those that are generously donated by the participating artists in each of the editions of the International Mini Print Cantabria, compose the Mini Print Cantabria Collection. The Mini Print Cantabria Collection belongs to the Santander Port Authority Art Fund, being deposited for its conservation and exhibition at the Faro Cabo Mayor Art Center. Is the desire of the Port Authority of Santander, keeper of the Mini Print Cantabria Collection, that this magnificent collection will not remain stored in the archives but can be seen and enjoyed by  many more people.  This exhibition in Bordeaux will be the first of many others in which the Collection can be exhibited beyond the Faro Cabo Mayor Art Center.

Struga Painting Conference 2018

2nd Miniprint Biennale

Skopje, North Macedonia 

 Wondering Minds 2020

The international project More  Wondering Minds 2 with the subtitle Chris and Zora’s new mezzotint friends and the catalogue with the same name, is a result of the first international project The Wondering Mind 60 X 60. Above all, it is a recognition and a salute to the studios of those artists who are trying to revive one of the oldest and most demanding graphic techniques, the mezzotint, the related exhibition cycle will further spread theses ideas.

The original circlurar works, created for the project by 32 artists from 20 countries are a tribute to mezzotint and a special form of celebration of the 65 th anniversary of the international organisers chris Verheyen/Belgium and Zora Petrasova/Slovakia and collector of fine art and curator Jan Dockx/Belgium

The WorldWide Prints project is an artistic and cultural initiative that aims to collect small prints from artists from all over the world to promote the knowledge and awareness of graphic art and to introduce online  catalogs and exhibitions the different ways of making graphic art in the world by comparing and uniting different nations. To reach the widest audience possible, exhibitions will be organised in collaboration with private and public international institutions.It is a social initiative bringing together artists who, with their different artistic, cultural and social backgrounds, with their provenance, contribute to create a virtual community where there are no walls and no barriers.

Victoria Bilogan & Roger Alsop

Images by Victoria Bilogan, music and videos by Roger Alsop.

 A collaboration with Roger Alsop on the site specific text work “Lost Horizons” transformed into sound:Lost Horizons is an immersive computer-based work integrating text, visual imagery, spatialized sound in performance.

Roger Alsop is a media artist, musician, composer, and academic.He integrates artforms and communication through computer based processes.

We work with old and new technologies and approaches (printmaking, live performance, poetry, computer/ algorithmic creativity, projection art, visual imagery, improvisation, sculpture, audience, immersion/interactivity, community art, sound art, cross-modal/interarts) integrating them in new forms and paradigms that open new perceptions of the human experience in the personal and broader socio-political contexts.In this project we focus on the effect of Covid on all of life, interpreting documented discussions on Covid through the approaches and technologies above, creating within them. 2021

Presentation for ACMI

Victoria Bilogan and Adam Simmons

Fat rain is the rain that comes on a hot sultry afternoon, those large splothches that fall singularly from the sky, splattering in the gravel and exploding on windscreens…” Adam Simmons.

Founded by Adam Simmons, Fat rain’s focus is on improvised and jazz music dedicated to providing engaging music  that leaves an impression and is not simply entertaining.


Victoria Bilogan and Bi-2 band.

BGL is an album recorded in 1997 with Shura Bi-2 as part of Bi-2 band during the Australian period.

Composition  “Path” music Victoria Bilogan/Shura B2

First official studio album released in Germany in 1997.

22 nd Triennale Grenchen 

Mini Print

“Time without time’


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